Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daniel Day Lewis Tapped to Play Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln now has a face for Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" movie. The film had been in production limbo for years and originally had actor Liam Neeson as the first choice to play the American president. But after Neeson pulled out of the project, Spielberg had to find a new Lincoln, and, lo and behold, they got Daniel Day-Lewis which fans described as the perfect Lincoln!

Day-Lewis came as a surprise since the reclusive actor isn't always in the limelight and selective in the movies he makes, but if you look at the actor's recent photographs, you will see that he does indeed have the physical characteristics essential to play Honest Abe. He's tall with a chiseled face that is similar to Lincoln's. It's not as square as Neeson's but it's got the same intensity. You can see how similar the faces of Day Lewis and Lincoln are in this simple graphic comparison that follows with Day-Lewis "color-sprayed" to give him a beard and a hairdo similar to Lincoln's.

This man needs no introduction! He's one president that really makes Americans proud. Click here or on the image to order this President Abraham Lincoln Wacky Wobbler bobble head.

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